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Charlottesville, VA


currently in production:



fleur de sel

there's nothing plain about these salted caramels - handmade from grassfed cream with a dusting of the best hand-harvested French sea salt on top, these caramels explode with beautiful flavor at first bite *gluten free*


lavender + honey

an homage to the garden, these caramels crafted from an infusion of fragrant local Virginia lavender and honey will create a sense of calm and relaxation with each taste *gluten free*


milk stout

marriage to a (shouda-gone-pro) homebrewer sparked this collaborative caramel effort - hints of malted chocolate envelop this dark and delicious caramel and a light sprinkle of fleur de sel on top takes it over the edge


sweet tea

welcome to the South! these caramels take that classic, earthy iced-tea nostalgia that only orange pekoe tea can give you, marry it with the classic caramel sweetness, and then top it off with a dusting of sugar instead of salt *gluten free*

double espresso *limited*

a decadent blend of roasty espresso and creamy dessert - the perfect way to end a delicious meal or simply stifle a mid-afternoon coffee craving *gluten free*


other seasonal flavors:

Finalist 2018 Seal.png

citrus spice *seasonally available* [SOLD OUT]


lively orange and subtle hints of spice combine to make this caramel with layers of flavor which admittedly evokes nostalgia of traditional Italian panettone *gluten free*


passionfruit + mango  *seasonally available* [SOLD OUT]

possibly the most off-the-grid recipe we’ve attempted to date - creamy mango rounds out the tang of passionfruit creating an absolutely amazing play with buttery caramel - don’t miss this one! *gluten free*

molasses ginger  *seasonally available* [SOLD OUT]

a perennial fall family favorite - organic molasses and spicy ginger loads this caramel with gingersnappy goodness *gluten free*

bourbon + vanilla *seasonally available during the Holidays at the Charlottesville City Market* [SOLD OUT] 

vanilla beans and Kentucky bourbon give this caramel big attitude - this is a flavor not to miss each year!


- keep on the lookout for more new LVM caramel flavors as the seasons change -